Florida Weather-Related Car and Truck Accidents

Motorists in Florida rarely encounter winter-weather driving conditions; however, the current weather episodes throughout the southern United States highlight the importance of being prepared for all driving conditions. Florida leads the nation with one of the highest rates of car accidents in the country. These accidents can result in serious and fatal injuries to drivers, passengers, and bystanders. Drivers should take steps to understand how weather can affect road and driving conditions.

Ice storms and accumulation presents drivers with some of the worst driving conditions. Icy roads tend to occur after snow accumulation or freezing rain. The snow that is not cleared can melt and refreeze, resulting in patches of black ice. Motorists approaching ice or potential black ice should refrain from slamming on their brakes. Instead, if a driver finds themselves skidding or sliding on ice, they should steer in the same direction as their front tires. After regaining control, the driver can slowly steer the car in the direction they want to go in. Quickly jerking the steering wheel can cause the vehicle to spin and veer off the road.

Snow and slush can also cause drivers to experience dangerous road conditions. The dangers are heightened when city officials have not cleared and treated the road. Many southern states, including Florida, are not equipped with proper snow removal equipment. The lack of prompt removal can cause the snow to become heavy and wet, causing drivers to experience additional hazards.

For example, recently, a national news report described a harrowing crash that involved more than 100 vehicles. The accident occurred on Interstate-35W in Texas, as a slurry of winter weather made for dangerous conditions. As cars and trucks piled upon each other, many drivers and passengers were stuck in their vehicles. News footage showed piled-up vehicles and overturned semi-trucks. Nearly 100 people received medical treatment for their injuries, and many remain in critical condition. The fire department spokesperson states that the pileup required tow trucks to disentangle vehicles and extricate people from the wreck. Police officials stated that icy road conditions were a factor in the collisions.

These types of accidents can result in significant injuries and damages. Damages often include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Those that suffer injuries in a winter-weather accident should contact an attorney to discuss their rights and remedies.

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