Damages from a Florida Personal Injury Lawsuit May Close the Gap in Medical Coverage for Accident Victims

Florida leads the country in one of the highest rates of serious car accidents. Recent reports by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) indicated nearly 400,000 Florida motor vehicle accidents occurred in one year. In addition to about 3,000 fatal injuries, over 40% of the accidents resulted in non-deadly severe injuries. These injuries and fatalities often leave the victim and their families with high medical costs. The financial repercussions of these accidents can present lifelong burdens for victims. Car accident victims can recover compensation from different avenues.

Under Florida’s no-fault insurance rules, all insured drivers may recover damages for medical bills regardless of fault. The law requires motorists to obtain at least 10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. PIP is intended to compensate injury victims for their medical expenses after an accident. However, this coverage typically only covers 80% of a victim’s medical costs. Further, injury victims must meet the strictest rules regarding medical treatment. Victims must receive treatment from a qualified medical professional within 14 days of the collision. If a victim’s injuries or medical conditions do not meet a qualifying condition, the insured may not be able to draw the entire amount of coverage.

In situations where a victim does not maintain PIP coverage or exhausts the limits, they must make a claim through their private insurer. However, patients must still pay their co-pays and deductibles. These amounts may be high in many cases, especially if the victim requires significant inpatient or recurring outpatient treatment.

Further, national news reports have spread awareness about archaic rules that many hospitals evoke to bypass insurers. These hospitals have come under scrutiny for offering accident victims waivers at admission, stating that they do not want their health insurance company billed. Many of these patients are amid serious trauma and do not comprehend the agreement. The hospital presents the option as a way for the patient to hold the negligent party responsible. However, hospitals bypass the patient’s insurance company by putting a lien on any personal injury settlement awards. States vary on the permissibility of these predatory laws, and it is important that a victim seek representation to ensure that they recover damages to pay off these burdensome bills.

Have You Been in a Florida Car Accident?

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