Auto-Pedestrian Accident Kills One in Nassau County

Crosswalks and roadsides can be some of the most dangerous areas in Florida cities for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists alike. Traffic equipment failure, visibility obstructions, and negligent driving all contribute to the dangers that pedestrians face when walking near a roadway or crossing at a crosswalk. A crash that occurred late last month in Nassau county involving two vehicles and two pedestrians has left one 73-year-old St. Petersburg man dead, and another woman in critical condition.

According to the facts discussed in a local news report, two pedestrians were walking along the roadside when another vehicle approached from behind, striking the pedestrians and then crashing into a parked car. It is unclear from the article if speed or intoxication were at issue, although the article does not mention charges being filed against the driver.

Drivers must be attentive at all times while driving and keep on the lookout for pedestrians and other vehicles. During early mornings and late nights, it can be hard to see pedestrians along the roadside, however, it is especially important for drivers to maintain their attention on the road. Parked cars along a roadside, especially near an intersection, can obstruct both drivers’ and pedestrians’ views of the roadway, and increase the risk of an accident. Florida’s auto and pedestrian infrastructure is also in need of maintenance and improvement, and some intersections do not have properly functioning signage or traffic control devices.

Automobile drivers in Florida have a legal responsibility to operate their vehicles with due care for the safety of others. This obligation can include the responsibility to use increased caution if lighting, road conditions, weather, or traffic are not ideal. When a dangerous condition arises, a driver is expected to respond in a reasonably prudent manner. A driver who fails to properly respond to road conditions or other events may be adjudicated as negligent and required to compensate any accident victims for the damages related to the negligent driver’s behavior. When pedestrians are involved, the stakes in an accident are especially high, as the consequences of an accident can be catastrophic.

Making a Claim for Injuries after a Florida Accident

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