$7 Million Verdict Awarded to Cancer Victim in Baby Powder Lawsuit

A Missouri jury recently found that the manufacturer of a baby powder product containing talc and marketed for personal hygiene was liable for negligence and product liability after the plaintiff developed a case of ovarian cancer as a result of using the product as it was marketed. According to a news report discussing the verdict, the woman was awarded over $7 million from the defendant Johnson & Johnson, a major manufacturer and marketer of baby powder products containing talc. Similar claims have shown that manufacturers have allegedly known about the increase in cancer risk for women who use talc products on their genital area, but they have continued to market the product despite the evidence that such use may be dangerous.

About 2,000 Cases Alleging a Link Between Talc and Ovarian Cancer Have Been Filed

According to the report, over 2,000 cases have been filed in courts nationwide against the manufacturers of baby powders and other hygiene products containing talc. Research cited in the report notes that there is a significant link between using talc products for feminine hygiene and the increased risk of developing cancer. Courts across the country have addressed the cases differently, with some judges throwing the claims out and others allowing the cases to go to the jury. Similar cases alleging ovarian cancer development as a result of talc use have resulted in verdicts of up to $127 million.

Manufacturers Have a Legal Responsibility Not to Market Dangerous Products and to Issue Warnings

Although research has suggested a link between talc and ovarian cancer since the 1970s, the manufacturers of the products have relied on the ambiguous findings of some studies to claim there is no real link between cancer and the products they sell. However, several plaintiffs whose claims have made it through to a jury verdict have collected damages against the defendants by proving that there was a link between the products and ovarian cancer.

The manufacturers of products have a legal duty not to market an unreasonably dangerous product. When manufacturers receive information suggesting a product may be dangerous, they must include warnings to give the consumer adequate information to decide whether to use the product or not. Manufacturers who market dangerous products or fail to include warnings for known risks of their products may be accountable for damages through the filing of a product liability lawsuit.

Miami Area Product Liability Attorney

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