Wrong-Way Driver on I-95 Causes Devastating Crash in Palm Beach County

In Florida and the United States, drivers almost always are required to drive on the right-hand side of the road. This has been the practice since the days of the horse and carriage, and generally, it is easily followed by everyone on the road. As cities have grown and traffic control has become more complicated, the chances of wrong-way accidents have increased. One-way streets and divided highways can confuse some drivers and result in them traveling the wrong way into head-on traffic. A man was recently killed in Palm Beach County when he entered Interstate 95 going the wrong way and got into a head-on collision with another vehicle.

According to a local news report discussing the recent crash, a 26-year-old man driving a Toyota Corolla entered the I-95 northbound traffic lanes from the wrong direction on the 6th Avenue exit in Lake Worth Beach at around 4:00 AM on December 2nd. The wrong-way driver traveled a short distance on the interstate and then crashed head-on into a Chevrolet Silverado that was traveling northbound. Emergency crews responded quickly to the crash, but the driver of the Toyota was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the Chevrolet was transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The design and construction of freeway entrances, exits, and interchanges are not consistent across our state. Drivers approaching an unfamiliar traffic feature have a duty to pay attention to the signage and instructions and remain on the correct side of the road while getting on the freeway. Drivers who fail to abide by traffic rules and cause an accident can be found civilly, and even criminally liable for the consequences of their behavior. If an at-fault driver is killed in a crash, their insurance company and estate may be held civilly liable for injuries caused to other drivers involved in the crash. Florida law does not require motorists to obtain bodily injury liability coverage, however, most drivers do so. Because not all drivers in the state have liability converge, we recommend drivers obtain coverage for uninsured/underinsured on their own policies.

Drivers who are injured or killed in a crash can consult with a Florida auto accident attorney to pursue a personal injury claim against the responsible parties. A qualified attorney will help accident victims to obtain compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, as well as for the property damages caused by a crash. If an at-fault driver does not have liability coverage, an accident victim may be entitled to collect damages from their own insurance company, as well as from the at-fault driver personally.

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