Two Killed in Florida Head-On Car Accident

A narrow, two-lane road is enough to make even the most skilled of drivers nervous. Sometimes, these roads lack a proper shoulder or only have an extremely narrow one. Often, no matter how carefully you drive on these roads, accidents happen. Unfortunately, because of the lack of space on two-lane roads, some of the accidents that take place are head-on collisions.

According to a recent local news report, two motorists were killed after a major head-on collision. Local authorities reported that the first vehicle, a sedan, was driving westbound when it veered suddenly into the path of an SUV driving in the opposite direction. Both drivers were killed in the head-on collision. The SUV driver was pronounced dead at the scene while the driver of the sedan was transported to a local hospital where he later was pronounced dead. A passenger of one of the vehicles remains hospitalized.

Although head-on collisions are rare compared to other types of car accidents such as rear-end accidents or hit-and-runs, the risk they carry should not be dismissed by drivers. Unfortunately, Florida, like other states, experiences its fair share of head-on collisions. Statistics estimate that only two percent of car crashes are head-on collisions, but that they account for well over 10 percent of driving fatalities. Thus, it is safe to say that head-on collisions are considered to be one of the most dangerous—and deadly—types of car accidents out there.

Head-on collisions are dangerous for obvious reasons. Most commonly, they can result in significant physical injuries for those involved, including spinal injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, or even paralysis. In extreme cases, head-on collisions can result in the death of one or both parties involved. Most notably, head-on collisions are dangerous because they are extremely difficult to avoid on two-lane roads. When a car unexpectedly veers into your lane and comes pummeling directly at you with little room or time for you to react or drive into the shoulder to avoid them, the results can be catastrophic.

Following a head-on collision, it is crucial that you look into potentially filing a personal injury claim to be properly compensated for your physical injuries, but also any resulting property damage. Because of the particularly destructive nature of these accidents, property and physical damage can often be extensive.

Although recovering from a head-on collision can often be a long, extensive journey toward healing, it is crucial that potential plaintiffs in serious car accidents consider filing a personal injury lawsuit as soon as possible. In addition to a four-year statute of limitations, Florida law does not allow potential plaintiffs to hold at-fault drivers liable after a car accident unless the crash resulted in “serious injury.” To meet this threshold, Florida drivers must experience permanent injury, significant and permanent scarring disfigurement, or significant and permanent loss of bodily function as a result of an accident. An experienced South Florida injury lawyer can help you assess the strength of your claim and determine the best way to proceed.

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