Two Dead In Orange County Crash Involving Northbound and Southbound Vehicles

It is no surprise that after a car accident, individuals have to juggle a lot. Whether it is figuring out insurance claims, dealing with medical expenses, or deciding whether to file a lawsuit and how to do so, the many decisions that follow a car accident can leave many dealing with a high level of stress.

According to a recent news report, a 53-year-old woman and a 66-year-old man died after a car collision in Orange County. The 53-year-old woman was traveling southbound and crossed over the median for unknown reasons. Her car crashed into a Chevrolet Malibu that the 66-year-old Orlando man was driving. The man was traveling northbound and swerved right in an attempt to avoid the collision, but the woman’s van struck the front left of his vehicle. Both drivers were taken to a local hospital, where they were pronounced dead on the scene. The crash is still under investigation.

After a car accident, it is important to seek any medical treatment that may be necessary. After ensuring that your medical needs are tended to, you may be thinking about the next steps, which may include filing a lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries. It is important to contact your insurance to file a claim and go through the next steps with your insurance company. It can also be extremely helpful to connect with an experienced car accident attorney who can then talk you through the steps of filing a lawsuit. If at the scene of the accident, you were able to take photos, gather contact information and/or statements from any witnesses, and document any other important details from the car accident, this can be helpful information to pass on to your accident attorney. In addition, every state has a statute of limitations for filing car accident suits, which is the deadline by which a person must file a lawsuit. Generally, you have four years from the date of the car accident in that you were injured in to file a lawsuit in the state of Florida. This is one of the many important factors to consider when thinking about filing a lawsuit. Connect with an expert lawyer in car accident cases who can help walk you through your case.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Florida Car Accident?

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