Pre-Suit Requirements in Florida Personal Injury Cases Naming Government Defendants

When someone is injured due to the negligence of a Florida government employee or entity, they may be entitled to monetary compensation through a Florida personal injury lawsuit. However, lawsuits that are filed against government defendants in Florida have certain additional requirements that must be met, or the accident victim risks the court dismissing their case before it is heard.In Florida, accident victims must file a pre-suit notice to the government agency that they are naming as a defendant. According to Florida Statutes section 768.28, state and local governments in Florida must be served with a pre-suit notice of a claim within three years of the accident. This notice must contain information about the accident, such as where it occurred, who was involved, the alleged acts of negligence, and what is being requested. If a pre-suit notice is not filed or is insufficient, a court may dismiss any subsequent lawsuit. A recent appellate court opinion out of Georgia details one plaintiff’s experience with an inaccurately drafted pre-suit notice.

The Facts of the Case

The plaintiff was injured when he stepped in an uncovered manhole while walking on a paved street in the defendant city. Initially, the plaintiff reported the hazard to the police department and provided the department with the address of 425 Chappell Road. The plaintiff explained to the police that the uncovered manhole was at the intersection of Chappell Road and Mayson Turner Road.

Later, the plaintiff filed a personal injury lawsuit against the city, seeking compensation for his injuries. In the complaint, the plaintiff listed the address where the accident occurred as 239 Chappell Road. No intersection was provided in the complaint.

The city conducted a pre-trial investigation, attempting to look into the condition of the manhole where the plaintiff was allegedly injured. However, the city was unable to locate the manhole with the information provided. It was later determined that the actual address of the manhole was at 380 Chappell Road, approximately a half-mile away from the address listed in the complaint. Evidence presented by the city showed that there were 20 manholes between the location named in the plaintiff’s pre-suit notice and the actual location of the plaintiff’s fall.

The city filed a motion to dismiss the plaintiff’s case, based on the fact that the pre-suit notice failed to provide sufficient information about where the accident occurred, preventing the city from conducting an investigation. The court agreed, explaining that the requirements of a pre-suit notice are strictly set forth in the relevant statute, and without substantial compliance with the statute’s requirements, the plaintiff’s case must be dismissed.

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