Florida Self-Driving Car Laws and Proving Liability After an Accident with an Autonomous Vehicle

Self-driving cars undoubtedly provide the public with a sense of intrigue about the future of traveling in this country. Despite the potential benefits of these vehicles, self-driving vehicle technology is still its advent and poses many dangers to motorists and bystanders. These dangers are especially relevant in Florida, as the law no longer mandates that companies testing these vehicles ensure a human driver remain behind the wheel. Proponents of these vehicles and this law argue that it is necessary to promote innovative technology that may improve safety and travel. However, safety advocates continually cite the fundamental issues with allowing these vehicles on the road without an attentive driver.

Florida legislators have explained that this law only applies to autonomous vehicles equipped with technology to function safely without a human operator. While this caveat may prevent some of the inherent dangers of these cars, it does not address many concerns with allowing this novice technology on Florida roadways.

For example, a national news source described a harrowing accident involving a Tesla self-driving vehicle. The reports state that a self-driving car was involved in a fiery explosion after slamming into a tree. Authorities state that although the case is still under investigation, it seems that the car was traveling without a human driver behind the wheel. One of the passengers was in the front seat, and the other occupant was in the back passenger seat. The car was traveling at a high rate of speed when it slammed and wrapped around a tree. Responders worked for over four hours to put out the deadly flames. Tragically, both occupants died in the accident.

Technology, as advanced as it may be, is still prone to glitches. Drivers who rely too heavily on a vehicle’s safety technology may find themselves becoming less alert and ready to avoid an accident. Unlike other accidents where a driver might mitigate an impact or damages, these accidents usually end in tragedy. The severity of these accidents tends to be so deadly because all of the occupants are, in essence, passive occupants.

Florida personal injury lawsuits involving self-driving cars may present injury victims with significant challenges. It is important that injury victims contact an attorney to discuss whether they have a claim for damages and under what theory of the law. These cases may hinge on product liability claims or pure negligence against an at-fault driver.

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