Florida Lawsuits Related to Asbestos Exposure and Illness

Asbestos is a series of naturally occurring heat-resistant, fibrous minerals that are often used in fabrics, tiles, shingles, and other industrial or building materials. These materials become harmful when it suffers a disturbance, such as a break or crack. Long-term exposure to asbestos can lead to severe and permanent injuries or death. Asbestos exposure in Florida has been a serious threat to residents, especially those that work in the construction industry or military. Although many countries have implemented total bans on asbestos products, the United States continues to allow the material, in limited quantities. Individuals who believe they developed an illness because of asbestos exposure should contact a Florida asbestos exposure attorney.

Asbestos poses dangers because the microscopic fibers can easily become airborne and attach to a person’s respiratory system and lung tissue. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), even minimal amounts of exposure can post great dangers. Most individual’s immune systems cannot fight off, break, or remove the fibers. Exposure to asbestos can cause many health risks, such as scarring, inflammation, tumors, cancer, and chronic respiratory illnesses. The deadliest conditions are Mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

There are many different ways that Florida residents can suffer asbestos exposure; however, there are some occupations that face an elevated risk of exposure. The most common at-risk professions are construction workers, industrial workers, farmers, hairdressers, refinery workers, and military personnel. Additionally, the families of these individuals may also suffer through secondary exposure because workers can easily and unknowingly transfer fibers through their clothes or equipment. Asbestos is also used in cement, construction materials, hairdryers, and talcum powders.

Those that wish to recover for their asbestos-related injuries should take prompt action and file a personal injury lawsuit. Individuals should compile their medical documents that indicate their illnesses and when and where they suffered exposure. Additionally, they should include witnesses that could verify these facts. Finally, the individual should list who they believe is responsible such as their employer or a product manufacturer. The law imposes a significant burden on plaintiffs and they should retain an attorney to avoid dismissal.

For example, recently, an appellate court issued an opinion in a wrongful death suit a woman brought on behalf of her father, who died due to asbestos exposure. The woman alleged that her father suffered injuries because of exposure to asbestos in the defendant’s building materials. There were several issues on appeal, including whether the court properly excluded the plaintiff’s expert witness and whether the defendant presented an appropriate affirmative defense. The court ultimately split its ruling and remanded the case for a new trial.

Have You Suffered Damages After Asbestos Exposure in Florida?

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