Florida Keys Motorcyclist Killed in Fatal Turn Lane Crash

Riding a motorcycle is between 15 to 40 times more dangerous than driving a car, and each year dozens of motorcyclists are killed, and thousands more are injured in Florida vehicle accidents. Motorcyclists should exercise extreme caution when out on the road, carefully obeying all traffic signs and laws. In one recent piece from the medical journal CMAJ, research performed on 27,000 motorcycle accidents and 282,000 car accidents found that the injury rate for motorcycle crashes was triple the rate of injury for car crashes. Additionally, the risk of severe injuries was 10 times more likely in motorcycle accidents. Notably, the cost of medical treatment the motorcycle crashes was double that of car accident survivors.

Given the elevated risks when it comes to Florida motorcycle accidents, motorcycle drivers and passengers should be aware of several Florida-specific points when it comes to motorcycle crash compensation. In Florida, compensation in a motorcycle accident will not include personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. PIP is a mandatory, no-fault coverage paid out by the insurance company following an automobile accident. PIP provides up to $10,000 in compensation for things such as medical bills and lost wages, even if the policyholder is responsible for the crash. However, motorcyclists do not receive PIP coverage. A recent news article discussed a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred in February 2023 in Florida.

According to the news article, the accident occurred when a 32-year-old woman driving a 2018 Toyota SUV accelerated as she left the Big Pine Academy school, turning south on U.S. 1. Her car hit the right side of a motorcycle with a 62-year-old man on it. The man on the motorcycle was stopped in the turn lane on U.S. 1, waiting to drive into Big Pine Village shopping center, when the SUV hit him. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the man on the motorcycle was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. The man was flown by a helicopter ambulance to Jackson South Medical Center in Kendall for treatment to address his critical injuries, but he died at the hospital later that night. Authorities have said that charges are still pending as the investigation unfolds.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Florida Motorcycle Accident?

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