Florida Car Accidents Involving Swerving and Failing to Maintain Lanes

According to the World Health Organization, motor vehicle collisions cause more than 1.2 million fatal injuries worldwide and even more non-fatal injuries. Various factors contribute to or exacerbate the severity of a Florida accident. While the causes of Florida accidents are complex, most originate from negligence. Amongst younger motorists, inexperience, lack of tactical skills, and risky conduct seem to be leading factors in accidents. Accidents involving older adults tend to stem from visual, auditory, cognitive and mobility impairments. However, many accidents involve a combination of these factors and other contributing circumstances.

When motorists exhibit the conduct described above, they are more likely to miss obstacles, drift lanes, and cause serious accidents. For example, a recent news article described a fatal Florida multi-car accident. The Highway Patrol report indicates that a pickup truck failed to maintain its lane, crossed into the center, and side-swiped a sedan. The truck driver continued in the wrong direction and slammed head-on with a second vehicle. The pickup truck driver and three passengers in the second sedan died from their injuries. The individual driving the first sedan was able to bring their vehicle to a controlled stop without swerving.

The tragic accident above illustrates how even minor moves can set off a path of destruction and fatalities. Failing to maintain a lane and swerving to avoid accidents are common occurrences, but they can lead to multi-vehicle accidents. There is very little a driver can allege to defend their failure to maintain lanes. However, swerving can be an instinctual reaction to avoid an oncoming vehicle; but safety experts urge drivers to understand alternatives to swerving and how to do so safely.

Generally, drivers should stay alert, pay attention, and keep a safe distance between themselves and other drivers. In the face of an unexpected obstacle, it can be challenging to determine whether to suddenly brake and risk a head-on collision or swerve and risk another type of collision. Most experts agree that if there is no choice, drivers should refrain from swerving and braking at the same time. These actions may result in skidding, which can create additional dangers. If swerving is necessary, drivers should do so as slowly as possible and try to come to a controlled stop. As small actions can have deadly consequences, they can also save lives, so defensive driving is a critical skill that drivers should hone.

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