Florida Car Accidents Caused By Drivers Carelessly Pulling Out Into the Road

Every driver knows that to maximize safety while operating a vehicle, you must look both ways and double-check before pulling out of a driveway or parking spot from a stationary position. When the roadway you’re pulling into is especially busy, it can be even more dangerous. Thus, in these situations, drivers must execute the highest degree of care to avoid a Florida car accident.

Sometimes, however, when operating a larger vehicle like a tow truck, it can be hard to see every angle and vantage point while backing up. Larger vehicles often need significantly more space to pull into a busy roadway or execute large turns when pulling out of spaces than regular pedestrian vehicles, so the dangers are elevated further. Unfortunately, accidents involving tow trucks and pulling out of stationary positions into a busy road can make for a deadly combination when it also involves drivers who are not fully present or paying attention to their surroundings.

According to a recent news report, a 15-year-old girl tragically died in a crash after a tow truck collided with the car she was riding in. According to Florida Highway Patrol troopers, the girl was riding as a passenger in a convertible when the tow truck reversed from a driveway into the street, and the convertible hit its flatbed. Based on reports from local authorities, the girl died at the scene, but neither driver was injured.

These cases are more common than you think—and are often close to home. On busy roadways, when someone is driving down the street and is hit by a car or a truck pulling out of a driveway, it is often unclear who is at fault. If you are in a stationary position and pulling out from a driveway or parking space into a road, you have an obligation to ensure that it is safe and clear to do so. Defensive driving in these instances is particularly crucial, because in most cases, if someone causes an accident by pulling into the road from a driveway, they will likely be the at-fault party.

If you were hit by a car pulling out of a driveway, contacting a personal injury attorney is recommended. These cases can often be complex, and it may be unclear how to proceed with your claim. Accident victims are advised to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer who can guide them through the complexities of the legal system.

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