Five Young Adults in Florida Killed in Fatal Crash

When negligent or reckless driving is at play, the consequences can be severe, as is evident from a recent fatal collision that took place near Miami. A popular news site recently published information on the accident, revealing details about the driver as well as the victims of the devastating crash.

According to the article, a Florida driver was driving the wrong way on an expressway around 4:30am one recent Saturday. His Nissan Infiniti was going eastbound in the westbound lane, and he encountered a Honda sedan going the correct way on the road. Neither the Infiniti nor the sedan had an opportunity to swerve, and the cars crashed into each other head-on. There were four women and one man inside the sedan, and all five of them were killed upon impact. The driver of the Infiniti was taken to the hospital, where he is still being treated for his injuries.

Investigations revealed that the driver has not possessed a valid driver’s license for eight years, since he was arrested in 2014 for speeding. According to one report, the driver had been arrested for driving 109 miles per hour, which is significantly above any speed limit on Florida’s expressways. The driver’s license had not been reinstated; thus, he was operating his vehicle illegally when he crashed into the five victims. It is unclear whether alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident, and at the moment, no foul play is suspected.

Bond has not been set for the driver, and authorities are currently pursuing charges against him. In the meantime, the community near Miami is mourning the loss of the five individuals that died in the accident. All of the victims were around nineteen years of age, and each of the families continues to grieve their losses.

Families of those killed in a fatal Miami car accident are entitled to pursue wrongful death damages against the at-fault party. However, due to the complexities these cases present, it is advised to work with an experienced Florida personal injury attorney.

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