Families of Florida Teens Killed in Car Accident Recover $10 Million Jury Verdict

Earlier this month, a jury returned a substantial verdict in favor of two families, each of which lost a teenage child in a fatal 2018 Florida car accident. According to a recent news report covering both the tragic accident as well as the jury’s recent verdict, the collision occurred in the evening hours when the at-fault driver crashed head-on into the teens’ vehicle.

Evidently, a 99-year-old man was operating an RV that was traveling the wrong way on a divided highway in Fort Pierce. The teens were also traveling on the divided highway, and were unable to avoid a collision with the RV. The two vehicles collided head-on. As it turns out, the RV was being operated without headlights, although it was dark outside at the time of the accident.

Both teens were killed in the accident, and the driver of the RV died a few days later. There was some evidence suggesting that the at-fault driver had previously been determined to be incompetent to drive in Michigan. However, it also appears that the man had also recently taken and passed the Michigan driver’s exam.

The families of the accident victims pursued a Florida personal injury case against the driver’s estate as well as his caretaker. The case against the driver’s caretaker was premised on the argument that there was more the elderly man’s caretaker could have done to prevent the man from driving. The case was settled for $1 million before going to trial. The case against the driver’s estate proceeded to a jury trial, where the families were awarded $10 million.

Wrongful Death Cases in Florida

Those who have lost a family member in a Florida car accident can pursue a wrongful death case against the party or parties they believe to be responsible for the death of their loved one. Under Florida’s wrongful death statute, a wrongful death case is brought by the personal representative of the deceased for the benefit of the deceased’s survivors, as well as their estate. Survivors typically include spouses, children, and parents, but may also include adoptive siblings and other blood relatives if these relatives relied on the deceased for support or services. These claims must be brought within the two-year statute of limitations, which typically means two years from the date of death, otherwise, the case will be dismissed as untimely.

Anyone considering a Florida wrongful death claim should consult with a dedicated Florida personal injury attorney to discuss their case and how to proceed.

Have You Lost a Loved One in a Florida Car Accident?

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