Eight People Hurt in Florida Slow-Moving Vehicle Crash

Although contemporary cars are manufactured based on strict safety standards, accidents due to mechanical failure or malfunction can still cause major or fatal injuries. While it is always important to maintain all parts of your motor vehicle, certain mechanical failures are more common than others. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, brakes are responsible for 22% of car accidents due to mechanical failure. There are several different ways that car brakes can contribute to accidents, including faulty or worn brake lines, antilock brake system malfunctions, or worn-out brake pads and discs. Each of these malfunctions or failures compromises brake performance in different ways but has the potential to result in serious automobile crashes. A recently published news report discusses a crash at a Florida auto show.

According to the news report, the accident happened around 9:30 am on Wednesday, February 15, when a “slow-moving” vehicle crashed into the crowd at the Lauderdale Lakes Auto Auction lot. The collision occurred at the South Florida Auto Auction lot at 3500 NW 21 Street when a car began moving through the crowd as an auction was in progress, injuring eight people. According to the law enforcement report, investigators determined that the brakes of the vehicle failed as it was being moved. Officials said that of the eight victims, five were hospitalized with minor injuries, while one refused transportation to the hospital. Nobody died in the crash.

It would serve Florida drivers and passengers well to know what factors can be used when calculating pain and suffering damages following a car accident. These factors include things such as recovery time, the severity of the injury, pain level, type of injury, and magnitude of the crash. These elements are weighed together to help deduce what the appropriate level of compensation should be granted in court following an automobile crash. When it comes to considering evidence and the factors of a lawsuit in a case where the accident was caused by defective or faulty brakes, it can make a lot of sense to speak with an experienced personal injury trial lawyer to learn about the type of evidence needed to prove a claim and how most insurance companies respond to these claims.

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