Doctor Awarded $7 Million in Premises Liability Lawsuit Against Hospital

Earlier this month, a Georgia jury awarded a doctor $7 million in compensation after determining that the hospital where he was injured bore 70% of the responsibility for an accident resulting in the doctor’s career-ending injuries. According to a news article covering the recent case, the jury initially awarded the doctor $10 million, but that amount was reduced because the jury found the doctor to be 30% at fault.

The Facts of the Case

The doctor had just finished performing a surgery at the defendant hospital when he sat down on a rolling stool to complete some post-operation paperwork. However, as he sat on the stool, it shot out from under him. The doctor fell, hitting his head on the floor. Initially, the doctor told bystanders that he was fine and even left the room to speak with a patient’s family. However, within hours of his fall, he was experiencing double vision and shortly afterward started suffering from seizures.

The doctor filed a lawsuit against the hospital, alleging that the specific type of stool used in the operating room was unsafe. The doctor presented evidence that the casters, which are the wheels on the bottom of the stool, were designed for carpeted surfaces and were unsafe on the hard vinyl flooring in the operating room. The doctor also explained that he had to end his successful practice after the accident, since he was afraid for his patients given his newly developed seizure disorder.

The hospital’s defense was that rolling stools are known to roll, and anyone using one should be careful. The hospital explained that the doctor had performed thousands of surgeries at the hospital with the same type of stool, and he should have known what to expect.

The doctor sought $4.5 million in lost wages plus other unspecified damages, asking the jury to return a verdict between $4.5 million and $13 million after taking into account his injuries and their lasting impact on his life. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury determined that the doctor’s damages were $10 million in total but that he was also 30% at fault for the accident. As a result, the court reduced the $10 million figure by the doctor’s own percentage of fault, leaving him with $7 million.

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