Baby Formula Maker May Be Putting Florida Infants in Danger

Recently, a national news report described several parents’ accounts of issues they encountered while using a popular, patented baby formula dispenser. Parents across the United States issued complaints to the company after pediatricians discovered that some infants consuming bottles from this machine were failing to gain weight and subsequently diagnosed with “failure to thrive.” Currently, there are more than 100 complaints against the company and various product liability lawsuits. Florida parents and caregivers who believe their child has suffered injuries or illness because of a defective product should contact an experienced Florida injury attorney to discuss your rights and remedies.

This particular product, Baby Brezza, is widely available at various physical and online retailers, and markets itself as the “most advanced” way to mix and create baby formula and water. However, many babies who used the product began to exhibit signs of hunger, including, temperament changes, sleep disturbances, and weight changes. One couple rushed their child to their doctor, where tests revealed that the baby was not consuming enough nutrients and calories. The culprit was the baby formula maker, as it was dispensing incorrect ratios of water to formula, resulting in a watery nutrient-deficient final product.

There are currently two class-action lawsuits against the company, in addition to various individual claims. The company’s marketing team stands by its products and contends that they precisely calibrate their machines to work with thousands of formulas. They further argue that they regularly test their devices, and any issue is likely the result of user error, including failure to maintain the product by cleaning the machine.

Florida product liability lawsuits, especially those related to baby products, can be challenging because there are a lot of various agencies and rules at play. For example, in the case of the baby formula maker, while the Food and Drug Administration regulates baby formula, the Consumer Product Safety Commission governs the safety of baby products. These agencies are often at odds when it comes to who is responsible for the efficacy of products such as the baby formula dispenser. Despite the rising and alarming concern regarding the use of these products, the company continues to tout the safety of its product and markets it to many unknowing parents.

Have You Suffered Damages Because of a Defective Florida Product?

Individuals who believe that their infants, babies, or children suffered injures because of a defective product should contact an attorney at Friedman, Rodman & Frank P.A. to decide the best course of action. These cases require an extensive and compressive understanding of complicated statutory and evidentiary rules, and it is essential to have a skilled attorney to represent your interests. Florida defective product injuries can have lifelong impacts on a person and their loved ones, and our attorneys can help you get the damages you are entitled to. Damages in these cases often include payments for medical treatment you received to address your related injuries, ongoing medical expenses such as specialist and psychological treatment, and pain and suffering. Our attorneys are continuing to represent clients through the COVID-19 pandemic, so you may contact our office at 877-448-8585 to schedule a free initial consultation with someone on our legal team.

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